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Why Exchange4U

Reliable and robust solution of mailbox rent based on MS Exchange Server technology, with access from anywhere at anytime.

Access via iPhone

We fully support access via iPhone and mobile devices!

SLA Service Level Agreement

Notification January 2018: These SLA will be updated to adhere new minimum requirements of client access.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) determines level of services we guarantee to our clients profiting from hosted e-mail Microsoft Exchange Server services determined below.

1. Microsoft Exchange Server Services

Following services of Microsoft Exchange Server are at our clients' disposal:

  • Access to mailbox and closely related services: emails receiving and sending, delivering to multiple addresses,
  • Using calendar and other planning tools of MS Outlook,
  • Using public folders and data (calendar, contacts, etc.) sharing between an organization's mailboxes.

2. Technical Support

Free technical support includes:

  • Assistance with the first setup of your Exchange4U e-mail account
  • Assistance with the first Outlook configuration
  • Password reset in case of its loss
  • Solving access problems caused on Exchange4U side

Free technical support excludes (see the price list):

  • Solving access problems caused on client's side
  • Assistance with Outlook user's settings
  • Recovery of Deleted Items

To solve an occurred problem, it is necessary to describe the problem in details and include the error message windows. The standard response duration is 2 hours or less in service hours. The response duration depends on complexity of the problem. Exception may be caused by temporary unexpected load on the support. The highest priority have problems with the server unavailability, which are solved immediately.

3. Payments

A digital copy of invoice is sent by email. We send the original by post on request. In case the payment is delayed more than 30 days despite of appeals to pay, Exchange4U retains the right to suspend the user's access to the mailbox. Any issues related to payments is possible to consult on

4. Service Availability

Exchange4U provides its services with the highest quality possible. We guarantee to our clients 99.5% uptime in every calendar month. Uptime is understood as a user's ability to read a message from Exchange Server or send/receive a new message by Exchange Server.

Monitoring 24/7

Service availability is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year. In case an outage occurs, technical supervisor in readiness is informed within 10 minutes by an sms which is another step towards the maximal possible service availability.

Exchange Server Downtime

Exchange4U monitors entire server but not individual mailboxes. Unavailability caused by denial of service attacks or by other circumstances beyond Exchange4U's reasonable control are not included in total downtime. The mail is sent to Internet by SMTP protocol. This protocol does not guarantee immediate message delivery. Exchange Server tries to deliver a message 3 times in ten-minutes-intervals later in fifteen-minutes-intervals. After 12 hours the user receives a message about the delivery delay. If the email is not delivered within two days, the message returns to the sender.

Network Unavailability

Network unavailability is by Exchange4U defined as inability to transfer TCP/IP packets between server and Internet or server and client. It might be caused by a failure of the Internet. Exchange4U servers' downtime caused by network unavailability does not count in the total availability.

Hardware Failure

In case of hardware breakdown, the device will be replaced or repaired within 24hours. Downtime caused by hardware breakdown does not count in the total availability.

Scheduled Maintenance

In order to assure optimal servers performance, it is necessary to practice regular preventive maintenance. Few of these precautions must be done when the server is off-line. We take care of such issues in night hours (0am - 2am). Scheduled downtime does not count in the total availability.

Fees in case of Unavailability

We decrease the monthly fee by 5% for every 1% of availability under guaranteed 99,5% up to maximal discount of 50%. In order to receive the discount, do not hesitate to send the request with times of unavailability to The data will be compared with our monitoring system. In case of a rightful claim, we will award you the corresponding discount.

5. Limitations

Each user is limited by following rules:

  • Maximal size of incoming/outcoming messages is 20 MB
  • Maximal number of recipients is 200
  • Maximal size of an item in public folders is 5 MB

6. Data Ownership

All data saved in any mailbox hosted on Exchange4U server are in the user's ownership. These data are not accessible to anybody else with the exception of authorised Exchange4U technicians during technical support providing.

7. Data integrity

We provide regular back up of all saved data. Data are backed up daily on tape drive and on multidisc data sphere over net interface. Backups are weekly saved offsite. This precaution does not assure free data recovery of items deleted by user. This service is paid as marked on the price list. Exchnage4U is not responsible for data loss caused by loss or failure of the back up device.

8. User's responsibility

To access Exchange4U the user needs to meet following minimum:

  • reliable access to Internet - minimal speed 56 kbit/s (recommended 128 kbit/s)
  • internet browser (recommended IE 5.0 or newer for Outlook Web Access
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 for users directly connected to the server (RPS over HTTPS)

    • CPU Pentium 233 MHz or faster
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 1GB space available on a disc
    • Windows XP SP1 + 331320 (recommended Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista)
  • MS Outlook Express 5/6 to access via POP3 or IMAP4

9. Changes in SLA

Exchange4U reserves the right to change the SLA. Our clients will be informed 2 weeks before introducing new SLA in practice.


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