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Why Exchange4U

Reliable and robust solution of mailbox rent based on MS Exchange Server technology, with access from anywhere at anytime.

Access via iPhone

We fully support access via iPhone and mobile devices!

Reliability and Performance

Our servers and applications are designed for needs of big enteprises with tens or hundreds of mailbox users. Therefore we reach much higher level of reliability and more efficient performance than usual Microsoft Exchange Server solution for small businesses can offer. The speed and performance are assured by multi-processor servers Dell with Intel Pentium IV HT processors. Reliability of data saving is assured by LSI Logic disk array of well-tried Seagate Barracuda discs. Data are daily backed up on Travan data centre tapes and weekly on an external disc array. Once a week, we back up customer’s data outside of the building (so-called offsite) to prevent data loss caused by accidents such as fire etc.

In case of unexpected event concerning our hardware, our partner Dell CZ guarantees us a technical support 24/7 right on the place. Thus maximal possible availability is assured.

Our servers are placed in data centre - with direct connection to all big nodes in CZE. Guaranteed connection speed is minimally 155Mbps! Thanks to that, the ideal connection of our clients to the server is independent on his kind of connection. No matter whether you use ADSL, connection via cable TV, WiFi, dial-up or GRPS - connection to is never troubleshooting.

Our servers are always maximally protected from outside attacks by sophisticated hardware firewall Fortinet; the best antivirus protection available is matter of course.

Exchange4U will make its best effort to provide each customer with maximal highest quality and availability of our services. We guarantee the level of services recorded in SLA (Service Level Agreement). In case of not keeping the SLA, you are not obliged to pay the full charge of the fixed payment tariff for the corresponding month.


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