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Why Exchange4U

Reliable and robust solution of mailbox rent based on MS Exchange Server technology, with access from anywhere at anytime.

Access via iPhone

We fully support access via iPhone and mobile devices!

Information about us

Exchange4U is a project of PoInter Ltd. company. It was opened in 2005 by two experts on the realm of Microsoft Exchange Server, building WAN networks and supporting hundreds of users.

Ing. Miroslav Knotek, one of the best consultants in the realm of Microsoft Exchange Server in the Czech Republic, graduate from The University of Economics, Prague, major in ASP (Application Service Provider) and Ing. Jan Kořán with a five-year experience in the realm of design and support of extensive networks on the base of the MS servers in USA.

The absence of an affordable solution on the base of MS Exchange Server on the Czech market requested to find out a way how to declassify this service to smaller companies in the Czech Republic without the necessity for investments of hundreds of thousands. ASP, mailbox hosting on an adequate Exchange Server for a low fixed payment tariff is a common world wide solution for smaller companies. At companies with less than 50 mailboxes, it is demonstrably the most economical way of using all advantages of the MS Exchange Server. That is possible thanks to the Microsoft’s license policy which enables ASP providers to pay licenses only for active accounts as well as thanks to the splitting fixed costs for the MS Exchange Server purchase and implementation between more companies.

What’s ASP (Application Service Providing)?

The organization ASP Industry Consortium considers ASP such company, “...which provides application, IT infrastructure and other additional services necessary to offer complete application services on the base of subscription to the customer. ASP typically hosts an application in its remote data center and the access of its customers is enabled via the internet or private lines, possibly through Virtual Private Network (VPN).”

More about ASP

Our background

Our MS Exchange server implementations run on reliable multi-processor servers Dell which are assured by the best 24/7 hardware support contract. Our servers are placed directly on the Internet backbone with a minimum speed 155Mbps which ensures high speed connection to customer’s mailbox independently of his kind of connection.

Your data are backed up on highly reliable Travan data centre tapes as well as on multidisc data sphere provided by RAID5 on all our servers is a matter of course. Once a week, we back up customer’s data outside of the building (so-called offsite) to prevent data loss caused by accidents such as fire etc.

Our servers are always maximally protected from outside attacks by sophisticated hardware firewall Fortinet; the best antivirus protection available is guaranteed as well.

Our partners

Dell Microsoft eTrust
Dell Microsoft eTrust
SuperHosting Travan NetScreen
Super Hosting Imation
Juniper Networks


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