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Why Exchange4U

Reliable and robust solution of mailbox rent based on MS Exchange Server technology, with access from anywhere at anytime.

Access via iPhone

We fully support access via iPhone and mobile devices!

Price list


Service Mailbox Basic 2010 Mailbox Standard 2010 Mailbox Exclusive 2010 Resource Mailbox 2010 *
Size of the Mailbox 200 MB 2 GB 4 GB 200 MB
Outlook 2010 Licence No Yes Yes No
Web administration interface Yes Yes Yes No
Calendar Sharing No Yes Yes Yes
MAPI - full Outlook Functionality No Yes Yes Yes
Antivirus Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-spam Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Everyday Data Back Up Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deleted Items - Archiving 14 days 14 days 14 days Yes
Free Recovery of Deleted Items No No once a month No
OWA 2010 (Outlook Web Acces) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Own Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
RPC over HTTPs (Outlook Anywhere) No Yes Yes Yes
POP3, IMAP4 Yes Yes Yes No
Autodiscovery (automatic configuration of Outlook 2010) No Yes Yes No
ActiveSync + DirectPush (Mobil Synchronization with PDA or Smartphone) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company Contacts List (GAL) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public Folders No 100 MB 300 MB No
Number of Aliases (various e-mail addresses) 1 5 unlimited No
Transport Rule (server rule, e.g. text added to every outgoing e-mail) No No 3 No
Exchange hosted services (incoming post filtration via Servers Microsoft – antispam, archiving, encryption) ** No No Yes No
Compliance Management (possibility to set up rools for sorting and archiving post by requests related to particular area) ** No No Yes No
Monthly Fee 8 € 13 € 20 € 5 €

Prices excluding VAT 21 %
* Resource mailbox - mailbox represents a resource, e.g. car, projector or a conference room. This resource is then possible to reserve in your calendar and your colleagues will see it marked as occupied.
** These services is possible to provide only in case of hosting all of the mailboxes in the domain.

Prices for non-profit organizations

For non-profit organizations Microsoft offers the licences for prices suitable to their finantial situation. Mailboxes for following prices are exlusively for non-profit organizations after Microsoft agreement.

Mailbox Basic 2010 Standard 2010 Exclusive 2010
Monthly Fee 3 € 5 € 8 €

Prices excluding VAT 21 %

Additional services

Service Price / month
Resource mailbox 5 €
Extra 1 024 MB space for your Mailbox 2.50 €
Extra 512 MB space for your Public Folders 2.50 €
Transport rule 4 €
Dedicated Exchange 2010 Server from 450 €

Prices excluding VAT 21 %

Paid support

Service Price
Recovery of Deleted Items (free for Exclusive mailboxes) 22 €
Instalation and Configuration MS Outlook/Entourage for a Client 22 €
Instalation and Configuration PDA/Smartphone for a Client 26 €
Data Import from the Original Mailbox 15 €
Assisatnce with user setup in MS Outlook 22 € / hour
Solving of issues caused on the user side** 22 € / hour

Prices excluding VAT 21 %
** Wrongfull claims and solving troubles caused on the user side. The price depends on the repair duration.

SharePoint 2010 Foundation

Web portal to save and share documents of all kinds. Look here for more information about the servis.

The price depends of its size and number of users. In case of less than 50 users in total, the users with mailbox from Exchange4U have access to SharePoint for free.

Size of SharePoint Monthly Fee
400 MB 10 €
1000 MB 16 €
+100 MB 3 €
Number of Users Monthly Fee
1 1,5 €
5 6 €
10 10,5 €
30 30 €
more than 30 contact us

Prices excluding VAT 21 %


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